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Honolulu Sex Offense Attorney

Aggressively Defending Clients Accused of Adult and Child Sex Crimes

If you have been charged with a sex crime, you could be facing serious consequences, including imprisonment and lifetime sex offender registration. You need an attorney with the experience and understanding to protect your constitutional rights and hold the prosecutors accountable. Honolulu sex offense lawyer Brook Hart has been practicing criminal law in Hawaii since 1968 and has successfully defended many clients against serious sex crime charges.

Mr. Hart represents clients who have been accused of rape and other sex offenses against adults as well as those who have been accused of child sexual assault and sex abuse.

Mr. Hart understands that false accusations of sexual assault are very common, especially in conjunction with divorce proceedings and other family disputes. And even when a sex crime accusation is rooted in an incident that actually occurred, the defendant is still entitled to a vigorous defense, including consideration of any mitigating factors. Mr. Hart has extensive experience helping clients avoid or reduce the consequences of adult and child sex charges.

Contact a Honolulu County Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer at 808-526-0811

Attorney Brook Hart is known throughout Hawaii and nationwide as a diligent advocate for clients facing high-stakes criminal accusations. If you have been charged with rape, sexual assault, distribution of child pornography or any other sex crime, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Hart's offices at 808-526-0811 or by e-mail to arrange a free initial consultation.